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A nationwide business funding company . With approximately 5 years of experience, I’m the Senior Business Funding Specialist of the company, Bonilla Management Faces, LLC…

We offer Small & Medium Sized Businesses access to Awesome Business Funding Programs with Top 100 Business Lenders , especially for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Retail, Auto Repairs, Trucking, and Construction, and others …

We can bring immediate additional working capital to businesses located in America & Canada AND ALSO assist with SOLUTIONS TO YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS FUNDING OPEN BALANCES, like consolidations, remodifications, add- on positions, lower rates, longer terms, more capital, approves damaged credit, accepts restrictive industries, and many other stuff …

asset based Loans, collateral loans, invoice financing, factoring, invoice purchase order financing, government contract financing,
letter of credit, cash advance, sba loans, business term loans, consolidations, reverse consolidations, multiple positions …


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Gregory Bonilla,

Senior Account Rep ….

244 Fifth Ave

Suite # G282

New York,  NY 10001

Toll Free : (800) 674-3667

Local : (347) 460-0291 .

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