Happy General Contractor who just closed another major deal. Most likely to secure more working capital to purchase building materials.





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Case Study from a recently funded General Contractor that’s based out there in Florida


This General Contractor, who like so many small business owners,

is struggling with rising operating costs and that looming threat of A.I.

After several attempts to get the necessary working capital , this general contractor,

we’ll name him as “Bob” , can’t divulge real names here.

Bob had reached out to one of my esteemed team members ,

ranting about how the banks are not lending out money anymore ,

even with decent credit scores and strong revenues.

Bob had received about 3 loan declines and was about to give up hope.

His situation was that a local small fleet owner was out of the blue,

selling 6 trucks & equipment pieces at about half priced.

Bob knew that he can really use those equipment pieces,

and replace his current “faulty ones” ,

that was dragging the clock on his current work assignments,

even his vendors started to take notice on that dragged out work performances.

Which everybody knows, is not a good look at all.

Sure, Bob could of go out there and buy brand new equipment,

as he’d explained,

“And what, pay brand new prices, I barely got enough to make payroll this week,

how can I afford to pay full prices ?”


So, after reaching out to my team through a Linkedin Connection,

Within about 3 days turnaround time,

we got him and his business, approved and funded $ 850k in capital.

That was couple of weeks ago.

Today, Bob had finished those work assignments ,

and moved on to new clients and new situations.

making payroll, making money, and making a difference.

Are you in a situation just like Bob ?

Do you also need that quick jolt of borrowed working capital for your business ?

Are you also looking to jump on a quick opportunity ?

Are you tired of multiple loan declines , even though you do have strong business fevenues ?

Simply reachout to me,

no worries, we got you covered ….

Feel free to send me a quick DM or call my office now .

My office is toll free: (800) 618-1022


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And , we’ll hopefully get your funded just as fast as we did with Bob !!!