Capital for those in Construction, General Contractors, Renovations, Real Estate Developers, Landscapers, Welders,
Capital for those in Construction, General Contractors, Renovations, Real Estate Developers, Landscapers, Welders


Recently, my team had recently helped a General Contractor out there in Florida, helped him to secure $ 280,000 out of $ 1mm client job.

Working on a luxury resort hotel project, this General Contractor needed funding for payroll and assistance with lien compliance.

My team had to move fast because that General Contractor had came to us after going through about 3 lengthy bank loan application declines, and the starting date was rapidly coming up.

We were able to successfully match the General Contractor with one of our Specialists and magic was made. Literally, we had to pull the rabbit out of the hat …

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The General Contractor was able to meet payroll on time, and our lien compliance efforts ensured all subs and vendors were paid and signed lien waivers. Our solution enabled them to spend 100% of their time focused on the project and not worrying about back office stress.

My team had hit a home run with that one, alot of hard work into that file . Success is at times, most times , hard to achieve, so when we actually do get capital to well deserving businesses, it’s such a great feeling , like a warm and fuzzy feeling deep down inside ….

We have more recently closings as well.

That reminds me of a Concrete Contractor, out there in Texas, we recently got them about $ 1.2 mm (millions of dollars in fresh working capital). 

The firm landed a $1,200,000 contract with the City of Houston but needed a large cash infusion for upfront costs.  Due to COVID-19 and amount required, their current financing company was not able to provide funding.

This Concrete Contractor was able to take on the new contract, purchase materials, pay subcontractors and meet weekly payroll.

COVID-19 was horrible time in our recent history. Remember, many banks were NOT LENDING OUT MONEY …  So, to be able to save that Concrete Contract new client relationship during that horrible time is especially great feeling of being blessed …


YES, we had other recently closings , and with my personal 10 year experience in this world of business funding, I had personally originated and sparked, and closed on over $ 2,500.000 in capital for small businesses all over America ….

This is about you, not myself….


We also have access to some really special construction funding programs that worked like magic for many companies for many years.  Here’s a list of these BONUS FUNDING PROGRAMS …..



Invoice Factoring

Spot Factoring

Government Contract Financing 

Contract and Volume Financing

Disaster Recovery Financing


Contractors and Sub-contractors

Material Suppliers


General Contractors



Risk Management

Lien Compliance

Funds Control

Mergers and Acquisition Consulting

Due Diligence

Asset Verification



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