How to Get 0% (Zero Percent) Rates on Our Business Credit Cards and Business Lines of Credit for the First 13 Months …

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       All you need to qualify for such privilege is the following to have a legitimate shot of receiving 0 % Rate for the first 6 – 8 Months …

–  680 or higher on all three credit bureaus

–  Personal taxable income of $ 45k or higher

    (Displayed on most recent Personal Tax Returns)

–  Start-Up and Seasoned Businesses are both Welcomed

–  Offers may go up to $ 500k in Capital

–  All Industries are eligible

–  USA or Canada based Businesses Only

If these items applies to you as potentially qualified, you can safely move forward with your Application Package and receive feedback within 24 hours afterwards.  Simply email over a copy of a self pulled credit report, a most recent personal tax return, and photo I.D. (state issued like Drivers’ License) …

4 Easy Steps to Successfully Move Forward:

1.  Go to a friendly website to pull your own credit report (all 3 credit reports is needed) , and make sure they all display 680 or higher credit scores across the board …


2.  Complete Online Short Application

    (Click Here to Access Short Application)


3.  Click Here to email your Application Package  

     –  Full Credit Report (all 3 credit bureaus)

     –  Personal Tax Returns (most recent 2 years)

  •  Business Tax Returns (most Recent 2 years)

     –  Driver’s or Non-Driver’s License

     Email Address :


4.   Await for your feedback (within 24 hours) …


Any questions or updates on your file, feel free to call my office directly by Click Here to call or manually dial my office number @ (347) 460-0291 or our toll free number @ 800-674-3667 …

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