WARNING: To Small Business Owners & Middle Sized Business Owners …NEW JOBLESS CLAIMS had Dramatically Increased. How will this Impact Small Businesses ?

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According to CNBC News Article.   The most recent jobless numbers that just came out yesterday are much higher than the experts and economists had expected …

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🔥🔥 WARNING TO SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS : The widely expected direction of this economy will mostly DRAMATICALLY SLOW DOWN. That means bank & Lenders will REDUCE CREDIT & CAPITAL. That means Small Business Owners really look at their overall business and DECIDE or HEDGE their cash flows . That means Small Business Owners need to BORROW MAXIMUM LEVEL of BUSINESS CAPITAL. The banks and lenders will , widely expected, stop unused lines of credit, abort unfunded loan offers, or at least increase loan applications.  

Excerpt from APNews Article.

November 25, 2020

” The number of Americans seeking unemployment aid rose last week for a second straight week to 778,000, evidence that many employers are still slashing jobs more than eight months after the virus hit. Before the pandemic, weekly jobless claims typically amounted to only about 225,000. Layoffs are still historically high, with many businesses unable to fully reopen and some, especially restaurants and bars, facing tightened restrictions. “

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